Ville-Petteri Strengell

is a Filmmaker based in Helsinki, Finland.

Skills: DOP / Videographer & Editor (also directing)

WAVEBREAKER FILMS (which stand for Aallonmurtaja Filmi in finnish) is Creative Agency and video production company that is specialized in riveting audiovisual experiences. The end result is achieved by having a unity of strong vision and demand for high quality, which really grips and stops the viewer to think about what they just saw. Today's massive flow of pictures numbs us easily because of the oversupply, and nothing that you see will remain particularly memorable.


That's where Wavebreaker Films come in. Ville is a seasoned veteran in marketing film industry doing business in it since 2010. He brings the most important part back; with great ideas and stories we can make strong content and create memorable films to next generations.

Advertising films, corporate advertising, interviews, product launches, events pre- and post-marketing as well as social media videos are in the strongest expertise field of Wavebreaker Films. The desire is to be part of the customer brainstorming process, and create the best possible experience to stop and have an impact on today's demanding viewers.

Main equipment

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Camera and lighting gear

Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.6K -cinema camera

Fujifilm XT-4 - mirrorless hybrid dslr

Atomos Shogun Inferno & Atomos Shinobi -recorders

DJI Ronin-S & Sachtler and Manfrotto tripods

Litepanels 3x Astra -set (and softboxes) led-lights

Manfrotto slider 100cm

Sigma Art -lenses (zooms & primes)

Fujifilm X -prime lens set

Rode lavalier mics, wireless and wired

Editing softwares

Adobe Premiere Pro

DaVinci Resolve 16

Adobe After Effects

Selected Clients

Airbus Secure Land Communications


dSign Vertti Kivi & Co.

Kehitysvammatuki 57 ry.

Pulse 247



Aallonmurtaja Filmi Oy /

Wavebreaker Films Ltd.

CEO: Ville-Petteri Strengell

+358 44 97 156 12

VAT: 3104588-5

Herttoniemi, Helsinki /

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