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Ville Strengell

Founder, CEO of Aallonmurtaja Filmi Oy
Filmmaker (Producer, Videographer, Editor)



Kuortaneenkatu 2,
00510 Helsinki, Finland


Do your thing.

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A Bit About Me

I'm a filmmaker with 14 years of experience and with passion for the craft and fresh ideas to share. I possess a positive attitude towards life, enjoy collaborating with other creative people and am always looking for new professional growth opportunities.  

Aallonmurtaja Filmi has been founded on 2016 and the core of our doing is that quality comes first in everything. We also strive on being very efficient when budgeting productions. Third thing I would mention is our service's speed, and the ability to really deliver final files on fast pace. But never compromising on quality. 

In the future, Aallonmurtaja Filmi aims to become a reliable partner for an even wider customer base in Finland and Europe, and we will continuously expand our expertise by staying up-to-date with industry trends and the latest technologies.

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